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Workshop del Grup de Recerca Sistemes Complexos i Esport "Synergies formation and players affordances in sports"

Impartit pel Dr. Pedro Passos (Universitat de Lisboa), i adreçat a PDI i alumnes de doctorat.



Data11.01.2018 - 11.01.2018

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Collective behaviors in team sports result in players forming interpersonal synergies that contribute to performance goals. Due to the huge amount of variables that continuously constrain players’ behavior during a game the way that these synergies are formed remains unclear. In this workshop, the method based on the Uncontrolled Manifold Hypothesis (UCM) will be presented to identify interpersonal synergies and their applications will be discussed.


15:00h a 19:00h


INEFC Lleida


INEFC - Campus de lleida. Sala de Màsters

Partida Caparrella, s/n

25192 Lleida