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Research and doctorate

The National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia, pursuant to Law 11/1984, on the creation of the INEFC Autonomous Organisation, has the function of carrying out “scientific research in the field of physical education and of sport and the dissemination of its work”. Therefore, the institution has been careful to promote and watch over research, creating personal bodies and professional associations and ensuring a specific budget that enables it to offer yearly grants to contract new research staff, as well as specific grants for executing and disseminating the specific research in our area.

To promote and ensure the quality of the research projects and the contracting of pre-doctoral staff, the various proposals are subjected to an external assessment process carried out by the AGAUR or other agencies that are external to the INEFC.

The INEFC is a leader in scientific research and knowledge transfer in the field of physical education and sport through the research groups recognised by the Catalan Government.