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Lifelong learning-EnForma't

EnForma’t is the new training project at the INEFC Barcelona and is mainly distributed into two types of training:

  • Courses for everyone
  • Courses for the INEFC collective (students, Teaching and Research Staff and Administrative and Services Staff).

First of all, in the block for everyone, the following courses can be found:

  • BASIC EnForma’t: lifelong training courses that cover basic training needs, complementary to the degree. These are courses that are open to everyone although some are mainly addressed at CAFE students. Of these, we would highlight the summer courses that are held at the beginning of July.
  • EXPERT EnForma’t: conferences and in-depth courses in which professionals from different areas related to physical activities and sport transmit the most innovative trends of the moment. They are mainly aimed at physical activity and sport professionals.
  • EnForma’t SUMMER CAPSULES: Conferences, courses and training activities in the different areas of physical activity and sport. They are two-hour capsules aimed at physical activity and sport students and professionals, taught by professionals in their area. Their aim is to offer a different training that is made-to-measure.

These courses are included in the Lifelong Learning Plan of the Department of Education of the Catalan Government and are recognised as free-choice credits by the University of Barcelona and the universities of the Institut Joan Lluís Vives, respectively.

In second place, courses are offered aimed at INEFC students and staff, such as:

  • Complements to training: courses with the aim of reinforcing the contents of some degree subjects so that students can get preliminary knowledge that will help them to take in the objectives of the subject.
  • Conferences and seminars: short courses and lifelong training conferences for all the staff at the INEFC.
  • Official language courses: training at different levels in foreign languages with the collaboration of the UB's Official School of Modern Languages.


These courses are given in Catalan or Spanish. For further information, please check out the website in Catalan or Spanish.